How to use

In this site, We sell only streaming version. We do not sell the download version.

Recommended environment

  • OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
  • Screen size: 1024 × 768 or more
  • Browser: Internet Explorer latest Version
  • Speed: Broadband Speed such as optical line, ADSL
Streaming operation check for movie

  • OS:iOS8 or later version (6 or later version recommended)
  • browser:Safari that is standard on iOS
  • Plug-in (requires software):QuickTime software that comes with the iOS
  • Line environment:(Actual value of more than 3Mbps downlink) Wi-Fi environment
Streaming operation check for movie

  • OS:Android OS 4.2 or later version
  • browser:Browser software that comes with my Andorid
  • Plug-in(requires software):none
  • Line environment:(Actual value of more than 3Mbps downlink) Wi-Fi environment
Streaming operation check for movie

How to use(member registration, purchase, viewing)

  • 1. Please Sign up here.
  • 2. Membership is complete, please login.
  • 3. Press "Add to cart" button on the product page of the video you want.
  • 4. If you are satisfied with products that are in the shopping cart, and press "Next Step" button.
  • 5. If it is correct to the contents, press the "Order Complete" button.
  • 6. After payment is complete, Watch the video from the "List of Videos Purchased".
The video you have purchased, there is no time limit for watching videos.
However, if the video you have purchased was released stop, you will not be able to watch.
We appreciate your understanding.

About Streaming video

Since you can play videos immediately after purchase, you do not have to wait for the download time as in the past.
You can view any number of times during the viewing period.
Streaming video data file is not left in the computer.
※ delivery bit rate varies according to a product.
Prior to purchase of streaming products, Please confirm whether can play on your computer with sample movie of operation check.


  • We offer a payment method below. Please choose according to your convenience.
  • The only accept payments [credit card settlement] VISA, JCB, in MasterCard.
  • ※AMERICAN EXPRESS has ended its handling on May 15, 2019
  • ※ Your order will be completed when the credit card payment is settled. We can not refund or cancellation after the order, please be careful.
  • ※ credit card settlement, you can use your credit card safely and securely. the credit card information will not be notified in any way to samsonvideo.
  • ※ About the billing name to be mentioned in your bill of credit card, billing name is different depending on the credit card you use.
    When credit card settlement is completed, the mail of the "Credit card settlement confirmation" will be sent, please check and do keep this email for matching details of credit card bills.
    even which credit card you use, you don't have to worry that you request the name and web site name, such as "adult" because there is not it.
  • ※ Only lump-sum payment accepted.

About Withdrawal Membership

  • While logged please proceed from, this procedure.
  • The removal process is completed automatically, the e-mail of withdrawal of membership.
  • withdrawal process is completed at the time the mail was sent.
  • No payment for withdrawal of membership occurs.